Your Charm for the Millennium

Come discover what's making its way into the Music Video Industry.  She's a lyricist, yes, as well as a producer.  With a gift for masterful compositions she is equally bound to her to bring out the most in her entertainment.  PRIMADONNA brings a new prophetic scope to her field.  She is most definitely here to present the NEW in Videos/Entertainment.  "Artistically/Creatively we've created barriers that keep us from exploring further in Entertainment.  I'm not confined to that.  I love seeking the fresh and am inspired to create music and entertainment from my discoveries!!  This is my PASSION." PRIMADONNA~ Raising the bar in Entertainment...through richness. PGM//E

Jan 1, 2016

PRIMADONNA’s,”SUPERMAN” (Dance Mix), won Best Dance/Electronic song at the 2016 Akademia Music Awards. In 2017 It reached the charts at number one on both KMIX Radio LA & on POWERXR West Coast LA.




Internal Affair

Internal Affair…Epiphany’s B-side. COMING TO VINYL!!! DJ’s- a Track to open/close with but whatever you choose…HAVE THE PEOPLE DANCE!!!

SUPERMAN Movie Mix #Lyric Video

SUPERMAN- Dance Mix #Lyric Video