Your Charm for the Millennium

Hello beautifuls~ So glad you’re here.   I’m excited to share my music and videos with you. Be looking for upcoming. unique, releases on my home page.

Here’s a bit about myself-  My favorite color is #burgundy. My favorite #number is (9) and if I had to choose a favorite animal I would  choose????  #All.   OK well since your’re making me… I choose the rabbit and the deer!!
 My Music is from the Trance/Pop Genre, an electronic, fast-paced music style that often carries a pop melody.    I’ve written my entire collection of songs beginning in 2010 (Superman,  Diamond, Fire of my Love plus more) and consistently wrote through the years creating Epiphany, Desire, OMB, STAY-IN-SYNC, #ORACLE (in 2012)… resulting in a repertoire of 100+ original poems thus far.   I dance, choreograph,  co-produce and  have established PGM//E (PRIMADONNA GLOBAL MISSION//ENTERTIANMENT).   My favorite styles of dance are Jazz and Modern.   Some Artists I enjoy listening to are Depeche Mode, #MUSE,  Cure,  #Smiths.  I am privileged to now be able to create EDM (electronic dance music) aka #Trance in order to express my visions in songs.   My actors training is with the Lee Strasberg Theater/Film Institute where I am privileged to train with Dig Wayne.