Your Charm for the Millennium


Here’s a bit about myself:  My favorite color is the color of wine. My favorite number is 9 and if I had to choose a favorite animal I would choose them all. That’s why I’m working to save their lives through any means possible. The lives of animals have been wounded and robbed for centuries because we chose to follow along. It’s not okay. Anything with a heartbeat and brain is a life that should not be murdered or shot at. We missed the mark a long time back and I need this world to help me (as I progress here) change the laws, stop hunting/butchering, and refuse to cause a “demand” for the supply of their killings. My animals will greatly appreciate you and… so do I!!
Back to my music: It’s from the Trance/Pop Genre. I’ve written my entire collection of songs beginning in 2010 from Superman and Epiphany to my latest “LIEU-C-FER”. I care about copyrights very much, so please do not put me in a weird position that takes me outside the music studio and into the courtroom. I’m just saying…
My mission is to lead you (the people) into and through the end time craze!! Most of all, my songs are in tune with the DNA of this topic. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. It’s not a strange thing to me. Will you join me?
Along with singing/songwriting and dancing, I am a producer and choreographer. I am also head at the PGM//E (PRIMADONNA GLOBAL MISSION//ENTERTAINMENT).
My two favorite styles of dance are Jazz and Modern. Some artists I enjoy listening to are Depeche Mode, Cure, The Smiths, and above all… Kurt Cobain – which by the way, I’ve made it my mission to bring justice to… as much as possible!! My actors training is with the Lee Strasberg Theater/Film Institute.